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Our Finalists



Josh rented a lake cabin and boat for us for the weekend as a graduation gift when I graduated from college and was about to leave for a 6-month internship in Florida.  We were at dinner the 1st night and he kept talking about wanting to hurry up and get back to the cabin because he wanted to go out on the boat and watch the sunset and I mentioned a couple times that it wasn't worth the hurry because it was way too cloudy to see much of the sunset.  He was still insistent but when we got back to the cabin it looked like it was going to rain so as I turned the TV to the Weather Channel to verify it was about to rain, he packed up champagne and glasses and kept insisting we try to watch the sunset.  As soon as the boat left the dock it started pouring on us.  We went running back into the cabin and I flopped down on the couch and started watching TV but noticed that he was pacing around by the window.  He then went into the bathroom for a while and came back out with a box in his hand.  I was totally confused and as he got down on one knee he actually had to say, "Ummm, Sweetie, can you put down the remote?  I kind of have something I want to ask you."  He opened the box to reveal a gorgeous, sparkling diamond and asked me to be his wife.  I definitely dropped the remote.....and then I screamed "YES!"



Kyle and I have had a very long and very fantastic relationship that has had it's hardships (as all do). We met in college at Purdue University in 2003 and started dating the following year. In 2006, our lives changed when Kyle was hit (as a pedestrian) by a vehicle going 60 mph in his efforts to save a wounded dog on the side of the road. I also found out I was pregnant with our first daughter. We had to put "traditional" out of our heads completely, but after a year of healing, one baby, a finished education, and a few years later, he proposed.

We really enjoy taking our daughter Addison out to the park to fly kites in the early spring. Its a family tradition. I didn't realize last years trip would be different. He had carefully tied my engagement ring on the tail of the kite and prompted our daughter on what to say and when. As I was lifting up the kite for Addison (our daughter), I noticed the ring tied to the tail. Then Addison said, "Daddy has something he wants to ask you..." I said yes! It was a really nice intimate family moment.